Now in the digital age, there are millions of different sources where people get their information. Whether you are watching the news, reading an article, or listening to the radio, those sources have a bias. Of course some sources are more biased than others, and a little bias is not necessarily a bad thing. However when the bias of a source impacts your thinking, it isn’t good at all. Most news is reliable, but in modern times, many people often consider news to be a form of entertainment. When programs run news all day long, their information often becomes clouded with opinion and it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.

There are many different media bias charts on the internet and they can be very helpful to check the bias of your new source, here is an example of one:

It is not bad to get information from a slightly biased source, however you want to make sure that you get information from the other side too. That way you can evaluate both sides fairly and make an accurate and informed decision. Hope that this is helpful!


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