Covid Guidelines:

Covid has been ravaging the world for the past 1.5 years. We have all been working very hard to follow guidelines and stay safe. However, they keep on changing. I know that I thought this pandemic would not last more than a few months, yet here we are. We need to keep on following these rules to protect ourselves and others. But how do we do that when details are being exaggerated and rules keep on changing? Well, in this article you will find up to date information on all the current vaccination stats and Covid guidelines.

Currently, the Covid guidelines are; wear your mask indoors at all times and social distance whenever possible. Outdoors, masks are not required, so long as you are 6 feet apart. If you are wearing a mask it is alright to be 3 feet apart inside. Masks are also required when playing an instrument if not actively playing.

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Wearing masks is very important during this pandemic so that we can protect ourselves and others from the virus. Getting vaccinated can also help protect you from Coronavirus. For more information on Covid guidelines you can visit the CDC’s website at

Vaccination Stats:

Now for vaccination statistics from around the world. Currently, 34% of the world population is fully vaccinated. That is equivalent to about 6,173,114,274 people. We are making great progress on vaccinating everyone and we are continuing to do so at a steady rate. However, it may be a long time until everyone is fully immune to the virus. Until then we should do everything we can to prevent Covid and do our best to help out.

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Please remember to stay safe and protect others! Also, a shout out to all our teachers and other staff on site for helping at school even though we are in a pandemic! Thank you for doing your part everyone.


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