By Ava Cunningham

All across the world period poverty is a big problem. Most period products are very expensive and in some countries, including the US, they are even taxed. If you count period products, birth control, heating pads, and other things, the average person with a period spends about $18,171 in their lifetime. And periods are usually from about the age of 13 to around 51. That means we get about 456 periods in total and around 2,280 total days of it, depending on how long they last.

In partnership with Homeless Period Ireland, Lidl, a major European retailer, is now offering free period products to all who need them in Ireland. They have set up a special coupon on their app which lets you sign up for a subscription of a package of pads and tampons every month. This is incredibly impactful, in a good way, to all those who cannot afford period products.

This is becoming a big thing in many European countries. Scotland has already been offering free products since last year and in the UK they abolished the tax on tampons. In addition many schools in England offer free period products in bathrooms for students who need them. 

Having a period should not be something to be embarrassed about because it is a natural part of life. We should not have to pay for something necessary and let’s hope America follows suit with the other countries soon. Even if we just abolished the taxes, it would lower the price a significant amount.

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