by Riley Martin

In the past, people have made some very bad decisions about their clothes. Some of these choices were so bad they could kill you! In this article, I will go over 5 of the more deadly pieces of clothing and how they could affect you in order from safest to deadliest. 


Giant wigs

Danger rating: 5/10

During the 18th century, wigs were considered very fashionable but some were much bigger than the rest towering above their wearer. The wigs were powdered to give them a white look, but the powder made of lard was highly flammable and could cause them to burst into flames if they were near a fire. In addition, they went unwashed for weeks at a time and many had infestations of lice or worse, mice.


Hobble skirts

Danger rating: 6/10

At the beginning of the 20th century, narrow and clinging skirts were favored by British women. 

These skirts were tight and could cause you to trip frequently. They were the cause of numerous deaths by car or fall when people would trip into the street or off of a ledge.


Extremely tight collars

Danger rating 8/10

These collars on clothes were so dangerous that if you let your head lean forward or back they would choke you. They were very stiff, and at one time killed many people who had fallen asleep.


Arsenic dyes

Danger rating 9/10

The arsenic that was once used in dyes was one of the most deadly things, it caused rashes and sores, dimness of sight, fatigue, and led to bronchitis and heart disease. It was extremely dangerous and many people were exposed to it for more than 8 hours a day.


Lead makeup

Danger rating 10/10

Makeup in the 18th century was very bad for you. It was a mixture of lead, vinegar, and manure and made your skin pearly white before causing a facial rash, and people would apply more to conceal the rash. Additionally, it caused hair and tooth loss, paralysis, and blood poisoning.


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