This month’s spotlight article is an interview with someone who is part of a group who you may not see or think about very much. This group is more behind the scenes, but does some of the most important things at our school. The cafeteria staff are some of the most important members of our community. While others are putting together lesson plans and schedules, they are providing us with free nutritious, healthy, and hearty food. A lot of work goes into this every day. Yet, they rarely get acknowledged for it. This article will show you the inside scoop on someone who provides us with these lovely meals. Steven Jones. Enjoy the interview!

Q1: Would you rather live by the beach or mountains?

A: The beach.

Q2: How can students make you feel appreciated?

A: By being polite and ready with their order.

Q3: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: Making food that students enjoy.

Q4: What is your favorite color?

A: Blue.

Q5: What is your favorite animal?

A: Panthers, lions, and tigers

Q6: What do you like about our campus?

A: The art work.

Q7: What would you like to see more of around our campus?

A: Good will.

Q8: If you could visit anywhere for free, where would you go?

A: To Italy.

We need to appreciate these people more. They do so much for our school! This month I challenge you to thank or do something kind for any custodians or cafeteria staff you see around campus. Hope you enjoyed this month’s spotlight article!



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