President Joe Biden has declared he wants all troops out of Afghanistan by September 11th. This will mark an end to the war in Afghanistan. On  September 11th 2001 some an Afghani extremist group called Al Qaeda had attacked the world trade center and the Pentagon. This caused then President George W Bush to send troops to afghanistan to fight Al Qaeda and other Afghani extremist groups such as the Taliban who had occupied a region of Afghanistan. But most were shut down by the US military. However as of 2020 they still control large parts of Afghanistan. 

Many politicians have since argued for ending the war in Afghanistan such as President Barack Obama. However, other politicians such as President Trump have been against this and actually sent more troops to Afghanistan. This division still is seen today amongst modern politicians. People like Senator Jeane Shaheen a moderate democrat have been against this because she believes that “the U.S. has sacrificed too much to bring stability to Afghanistan to leave w/o verifiable assurances of a secure future,”. However, politicians such as Senator Elizibeth Warren agree with this move because she believes that the war is only increasing the violence in Afghanistan and not making things better. However not only democrats share support of removing troops from Afghanistan. As Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz was in support of moving troops out of Afghanistan as well.Along with the US our Nato allies will also be withdrawing from the Afghan war starting on May 1st. Nato Secretary General Jens Stolenburg said “our drawdown will be orderly, coordinated, and deliberate“. And since they went to war in afghanistan with the US they’ll come out of the war with the US. So hopefully by September 11th 2021 20 years after the event that started the conflicts in Afghanistan the violence will end.

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