By Louise Meagher

On January 6th, President Donald Trump gave a speech to his supporters telling them that the presidential election was stolen, and they needed to “show their strength at the Capitol.” Shortly after, hundreds of those same attendees stormed the U.S. Capitol building in an attempt to disrupt the electoral voting process, solidifying presidential elect Joe Biden’s win. 

It was complete chaos. During this hectic storming the protestors managed to breach security and push their way into congress. Luckly, all the people who were initially in the building were sheltered in place, and eventually evacuated safely from the building. 

Thanks to Capitol Police, trying their best to keep the Capitol safe, many innocent people were unharmed. Unfortunately the police reported that 4 people were killed. At least 50 police were injured, and more than 400 people were arrested for “unlawful demonstration activity”. Police confiscated weapons of all sorts while trying to defend the Capitol. According to NPR, officers confiscated guns, pipe bombs, and even molotov cocktails.  

This was a truly sad day for our nation.  People can’t help but wonder, what’s next? 

The FBI has received information that there are more pro-Trump riots planned at each of the Capitol buildings in all fifty states in the day’s leading up to Joe Biden’s inauguration. According to CNN, the FBI says that their focus is not on the peaceful protestors, but those causing harm, and investigating any possible criminal activity.

Democrats and Republicans, equally now, are starting to push for President Trump to be impeached from office.  According to CNN, senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who himself is a Republican leader, says he believes President Trump has committed impeachment offences and is pleased that the Democrats are moving forward in the impeachment process. More and more Republicans are turning on Donald Trump and supporting the impeachment rather than letting him carry out his last few days in office.  Stay tuned for what’s next!


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