By Louise Meagher

We have all been cooped up inside for such a long time people are getting antsy. So many people had to refrain from seeing family around the holiday season, that the need for leisure travel is predicted to be in high demand for the second half of 2021.

Now with the vaccine on the horizon, and frontline workers being vaccinated, people have hopes for the majority of the population to be vaccinated by the summer of 2021 so traveling can make its comeback.

Because travel is in such low demand right now, due to COVID-19 airlines are offering pretty good deals on flights, and they want you to start planning your trips for the summer. Southwest Airlines is currently offering one way tickets for as low as 29 dollars. Alaska airlines’ one way tickets are 40 dollars.  But, once people feel it’s safer to travel, airlines will raise their prices back up, so people have already started planning, just like the airlines are hoping they’ll do. 

The CEO for JetBlue, informed CNBC that his mom just got the vaccine, and has already started planning her trips for 2021. He believes there are “hundreds of millions of people like her all over the world.” He then calls the covid vaccine a “game changer for everyone”

With all the high hopes everyone has for 2021, let’s hope all goes smoothly, we all really need to get out of our houses! It sounds like now is the prime time to plan your summer, post-COVID plans.

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